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суббота, 9 января 2010 г.

SMD - SMD 1-5+ (1996)

SMD - SMD 1-5+

Catalog#: D3-SMD006CD
Format: CD, Compilation
Country: Austalia
Released: 1996
Genre: Electronic
Style: Break Beat, Happy Hardcore

1 SMD - SMD#1a (Slipmatt's Exclusive Album Mix)
2 SMD - SMD#1aa
3 SMD - SMD#2a
4 SMD - SMD#2aa
5 SMD - SMD#3a
6 SMD - SMD#3aa
7 SMD - SMD#4a
8 SMD - SMD#4aa
9 SMD - SMD#5a (1a Remix)
10 SMD - SMD#5aa1 (2aa Remix)
11 SMD - SMD#5aa2 (3a Remix)
12 Slipmatt vs 3D - A Pure Release (Orignal Mix)
13 Slipmatt vs 3D - A Pure Release (Techno Mix)

Written-By, Producer - David "3D" Ward* , Slipmatt

Tracklist is misnumbered 1,2,3,2,4,5,6,7... on inlay.
Tracks 1 & 9 rip Congress 40 Miles.
Track 2 rips Terrorize It's Just A Feeling.
Track 3 rips Alex Lee Take It!.
Track 7 rips Elevation Can You Feel It.
Track 8 rips Psychotropic Hypnosis.
Track 12 & 13 rip Sunscreem Pressure.

Main artist name is given as Slipmatt rather than SMD.
Tracks are listed as SMD 1a & SMD 1b and so on, but are actually known as SMD#1A & SMD#1AA
Track 1 is Slipmatt's Exclusive Album Mix which has a slightly different intro to the vinyl version of SMD#1.
Track 10 is listed as a remix of SMD#2A but is actually a remix of SMD#2AA.
Track 11 is known as Slipmatt's '97 Remix on Universal Records UNI 017.
Track 13 remixed by Eldon Tyrell courtesy of Fusion Records, UK.

Quality: 320 kbs

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